Tuscany day tour

What better way to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Italy than to spend a day touring Tuscany one of the most fascinating regions of the country.

One day would not be enough to discover its infinitive natural beauties but we have selected the following places as part of an exciting day tour which, will enchant you and stem in you the desire to return a second time.

The first place we selected for this day tour is Orvieto which is in the south western part of the region of Umbria. Orvieto stands on a tuffaceous rock at 325 metres of height and overlooks the amazing valley below. This enormous rock is a relict left by the erosion of a tuffaceous plateau. The enthralling valley below has enchanted many poets of all times. Orvieto is the home of one of the most celebrated cathedrals in Italy.

The second place is Pienza, one of the most famous artistic centres in the valley of Orcia ( famous for its cheese). In addition to visiting the splendid small city, you can enjoy midday lunch in one of the many typical restaurants. Pienza was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1966 and in 2004 the entire valley of Orcia was included in the list of UNESCO’s world cultural landscapes.

The third and last stop is in Montalcino. Montalcino is well known for its picturesque charm , its narrow streets, olive groves and piazzas but most of all for its precious grape vines. Brunello of Montalcino is one of the best known and most expensive wines in Italy and while staying in Montalcino, you will be able to visit one of the family run wine factories and to taste their precious production of wine. The owners of this factory, who are committed to this occupation, will welcome you and explain every detail behind the production of their wine.

The tour will last twelve hours in a mini-van of a capacity of eight passengers.